The mineral resources are one of the main resources that contribute to the development and prosperity of Cyprus. The Geological Survey Department covers a broad range of activities relating to the sustainable development and management of the mineral resources of Cyprus (metallic and industrial minerals). These activities are conducted on the basis of rational criteria and within a balanced and acceptable environmental framework for innovative and sustainable quarrying and mining activity. In addition, the Department designs and carries out specialised research programmes such as the recovery of secondary minerals from mining wastes from abandoned mines, the characterization of building and decorative stones of Cyprus, the development of a methodology for the restoration of abandoned mines of massive sulphides. In addition the section participates in European programs for mineral resources that are aiming to the harmonization of the mineral resources data and their availability in pan-European level for policy making for land use for the development of mineral resources.

Cyprus has both metallic and non-metallic (industrial) mineral resources. The metallic minerals (chromite and sulphide minerals) as well as the asbestos and the crushed aggregates of diabase are associated with the Troodos Ophiolite rocks, whereas the industrial minerals (gypsum, clay, bentonite, chalk, marl, building / decorative stone, natural pigments and crushed aggregates of limestone and calcarenite) are associated with the overlaying sedimentary rocks. The detection, evaluation and recording of the mineral resources are achieved through systematic geological surveys and exploration that are carried out in the last 65 years from the Economic Geology Section. The exploration results are entered in a database, which is regularly updated with new data. The mineral resources management constitutes a multidisciplinary activity.

The Economic Geology Section, among others, evaluates applications that are submitted by interested parties to the Department of Town Planning and Housing, relating to Town Planning permits for the quarrying industry. The Section prepares reports taking into account the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the areas as well as environmental parameters.
Furthermore, the Section evaluates applications for prospecting permits that are submitted to the Mines Service. Taking into consideration the geological characteristics and environmental parameters of the prospecting areas, the Section prepares and submits reports to the Mines Service.

Core borehole drilling for boulders

Core borehole drilling for umber

Committee for Sustainable Development of Mineral Resources
The Asbestos Mine
Production and Market Surveillance for the Aggregates
On going research programmes

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