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Department of Forests



To maintain the forests in the best possible condition and achieve the greatest environmental, social and economic benefits that will be balanced, will be based on the principle of sustainability and will fulfil the expectations of the society.


The Department of Forests has to promote the sustainable forest management, as well as to improve the urban green areas through the:

    · development and implementation of Forest Policy and Legislation,
    · protection of forests from fires, climate change and other factors,
    · enhancement of forest protection functions,
    · protection of biodiversity,
    · enhancement of forest recreation and
    · production of forest products.

The main responsibilities of the Department of Forests include:

    · the conservation, protection, sustainable management and development of the state forests,
    · the conservation, protection and development of the private forests in the Republic,
    · the formulation, adoption and implementation of the National Forest Policy and the National Forest Programme,
    · the implementation of forestry legislation and the issue of relevant permits,
    · ensuring the proper implementation of Acquis Communautaire related on forests,
    · the preparation and implementation of management plans for state forests,
    · the planning and implementation of the necessary measures for the prevention and suppression of forest fires,
    · regulating the trade of timber and timber products including firewood in Cyprus.

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