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Timber production

Current situation

Timber is, internationally, one of the most important forest products. In Cyprus, the potential for timber production is limited, mainly due to adverse climatic conditions, which are likely to deteriorate further. However, wood production plays an important role in preserving paradigm communities by offering labor and distributing raw materials to small local guides and wood chips.


Produce the highest possible amount of timber from State forests, respecting the principle of sustainability and multi-purpose forestry, so that at least the needs of small local saunas and other wood utilization units, wood production for traditional uses as well as the firewood needs of the inhabitants of the paradigm communities.


The achievement of the above objective will be achieved by determining the annual lemma (the volume of wood harvested annually from forests) from the designated production areas concerned. Taking into account that the woodpile is below normal, the entry will always be less than the annual increment. There will be no entry from other regions. The removal of timber from non-productive areas will be done only for the purpose of serving other purposes, such as the removal of invasive and alien species, the construction of forest roads and firebreaks, the removal of dead trees, forestry interventions and the collection of burned wood after fires. If the removal of timber from other areas is important, it is possible to revise the area of the productive regions

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