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Forest Measures RDP 2007-2013

This programme included three (3) Measures, subdivided into schemes or Actions as below:

(a) Measure 2.4: "Afforestation of agricultural land "

Scheme 2.4.1: "Afforestation of agricultural land “,

Scheme 2.4.2: "Establishment of agro forestry systems",

Scheme 2.4.3: "Afforestation of non-agricultural land".

(b) Measure 2.5: "Protection of forests from fires and reforestation of burnt areas”

The Measure consisted of the following two Actions:

1. “Protection of forests from fires”,

2. “Reforestation of burnt areas”.

(c) Measure 2.6: "Maintenance and improvement of the social and ecological role of forests”

Scheme 2.6.1: "Nonproductive investments",

Scheme 2.6.2: "Forest-environment payments"

Scheme 2.6.3 “ Forest-environment payments in NATURA 2000 ".

The measure 2.4: "Afforestation of agricultural land ", addressed primarily to the farmers of our country, with the aim of providing financial support for non-utilization efficient or abandoned agricultural crops and converting them into the Woods, with the installation of forest trees and protect existing agricultural crops. The afforestation here, contribute to improving the environment and the rural landscape and of course, contributed to the increase in the forest area of Cyprus,but at the same time, the implementation of these schemes, and helped to ensure income and hence, in raising the standard of living of our people.

Measure 2.5: "Protection of forests from fires and reforestation of burnt areas", had as main aim, improving the existing system of protection of forests and other wooded land, by the fires, according to the fire Protection Plan of Forests, as well as the rehabilitation of burned areas.

First Action, "Protection of forests from fires”

Applicants/investors, in this action, interested and funded for the following:

(a) The construction and installation of fire protection infrastructure in various wooded areas, both in Government and in private forests. The main projects that were implemented, relate to construction and maintenance of fire traces, opening up forest roads, construction of water deposits, installation of hydrants/valves and several fire protection systems in busy places, such as picnic and camping sites, but also along roads in forest areas. Important was the interest in cultivating fields touching or adjacent to forest or other wooded land and implementing forestry measures, to reduce the risk of explosion and fire extension and hence contribute to effective protection of the forest and other wooded land.

(b) The Development and improvement of premises, fixed fire detection instruments and other communication equipment, such as construction and improvement of fire look out stations and observation posts, installation of an automatic fire detection system in the Akamas Peninsula, as well as the development and improvement of the existing telecommunications system of the Forestry Department, by purchasing radiotelephones, photovoltaic systems and telephone systems, repeaters, etc. which
help direct communication for forest protection and not only.

Second Action, "Reforestation of burnt areas”

Applicants/investors, in this action, interested and funded for the following:

Restoration/reforestation of burnt areas. Financial assistance covered the Reforestation, installation of stem ties, stem blocks and stone full gabions (Gabions), as well as care/maintenance of reforestation for three years after the completion of reforestation, which lasted two years. Several of these projects have been implemented in the area of “Saittas”, after the disastrous fire of June, 2007 and have contributed effectively to the restoration of the burnt region. The forests of Cyprus may have low productivity in wood, however, offer other valuable services and goods, though hardly valued in economic terms, are important for the economy and the well-being of our people.

Measure 2.6 "Maintenance and improvement of the social and ecological role of forests".

Scheme 2.6.1 “ Non-productive investments “, It had as main objective, the maintenance and improvement of the social role of forests. An attempt was made to meet the need of the whole population of Cyprus, rural and urban, for the best possible recreation in the forests, with the aim of physical, spiritual and mental health of our people and of visitors to Cyprus. The need for better organization of forest recreation relies primarily by the requirement to protect the forest itself from any damage that may occur from the unorganized tourists wandering in the Forests. In addition, it contributes to the following:

On the improvement of the knowledge and experience to the public, information, education and training, forestry and environmental issues, with a view to raising public awareness on protecting forests and the environment in General.

To increase the capacity of picnic and camping sites, in the improvement of services to the picnic and camping sites, improving and expanding the network of nature trails and to increase the number of viewpoints.

Various projects have been implemented in all areas of Cyprus. Indicatively, funded three environmental centers and a Museum with forest exhibits. The three environmental centers cover nearly all the free areas of the island. The Environmental Center in Skarinou, implemented by the Larnaca district development agency. The Environmental Center in Episkopi of Pafos has been implemented by the Community Council of Episkopi. The Environmental Center at Cavo Greco, implemented by the Forest Department. The Museum with exhibits on a region of Kampos Tsakistras, implemented by the Community Council of Kampos Tsakistras.

They have also funded several projects to establish new and upgrade existing picnic and camping sites, establish new and upgrade existing nature trails, viewpoints and highlighting forest heritage, with the renovation and landscaping of traditional taps and bridges.

The Scheme 2.6.2, “Environment payments” it had as main its purpose the strengthening of ecological and protective role of forests in areas outside the network NATURA 2000.

Applicants/investors - who are forest owners - they got financial aid for loss of income because of commitments made by concluding and signing a contract/agreement with the Director of the Department of forests, in order to achieve the above purpose.

The scheme 2.6.3 “NATURA 2000 payments” , had as its main purpose, the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity and the ecological role of forests with the preservation and improvement of high-value forest ecosystems.
Applicants/investors-who are forest owners on network sites NATURA 2000, received financial aid for loss of income suffered, because of commitments made, concluding and signing a contract/agreement with the Director of the Department of forests, in order to achieve the above purpose.

For the entire Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, spent € 11.37 million approximately.

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